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Can Enamel Paint Last Longer Without The Use Of Epoxy Primer?

We can find a huge variety of paints in the market. These paints may vary from enamel paint to acrylic paint. Enamel paint is the one which is transparent in colour and used to add finishing touch to the objects like metal, plastic or wood. This finishing touch is glossy and works as the anti resistant to rust as well. Then there are acrylic paints; these are the kind of paints that give the final touch of matte format. Other thing that differ acrylic paints from enamel paints is that acrylic paints take lesser time to dry as compared to enamel paints. These paints are used to add finishing touch to any object. It has been observed that enamel paints are mostly used to paint the exterior of the walls and acrylic paints are painted towards the interiors of the walls. These paints last longer with the help of epoxy primer. There are various such materials that are used to add to the final results of the paint that has been done on any object. In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that can enamel paint last longer without the use of epoxy primer.

Can enamel paint last longer without the use of epoxy primer?

There are some such paint companies which claim that their enamel paints already contain primer in them but we would recommend you to always use the epoxy primer before coating the layer of paint on the object. This primer guarantees you about hundred percent of adherence. It allows the paint layer to remain stick with the upper most layer of the object. So; even if the enamel paint already has the primer in it. It would still be better to coat the layer of primer beforehand.

Enamel thinner:

Enamel thinner is the substance that works as a solvent. Its main function is to thin the enamel paint so that it can be removed off the surface. This thinner is mainly used to remove the dried enamel paint off from the bristles of brush to any other such surface. Mineral spirits are considered as one of the best solvents to be used as the enamel thinner in sydney. However; one shall use these thinners in a quite precautious manner because they are extremely hazardous and dangerous which is why must be dealt quite carefully.


There are various such supplies which add to the whole procedure of painting the walls or any other object of metal, wood or plastic. One of the most commonly used paints are enamel paints which are known for their anti-resistant qualities. However; their ability to last longer depend upon the epoxy primer whose layer is coated before coating the layer of paint on it. If enamel paint has sticked to any other object and has already dried there then you can rub it off by the use of enamel thinner. “Lacnam” lets you shop the best quality of epoxy primer and enamel thinner. Visit here