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DIY Drainage System Hacks

There is always that moment where you have to face an unwanted drainage issue messing about your home. And while there is the need and requirement to call up an expert, you could always try out certain DIY tricks as well, depending on the situation you are encountered with. This way not only would you be saving up on the cost, but you would also be gaining some sort of experience for yourself, while gathering knowledge on all that is to be known about drains and their work. Here are some tips you could use when solving out such drain issues.

Got no plunger, no problem

Generally, the first thing we try to use to solve these drain issues by ourselves is, a plunger. But not all of us might own a plunger for unknown reasons or may be the one you own is either broken or lost. Don’t worry, you don’t have to embarrass yourself by borrowing one from your neighbor, instead you could use the DIY trick that only requires some water and a large bin to collect the waste in. One of the first things you need to do before going about with this little task is, stopping the water flow. For this open up the tank that is at the back and pull the plug out and drain away the water. Next get the basket and fill it up with water, if it is hotter it would be better. Then pour it down the blocked toilet. This would truly help unclog the toilet to a certain extent, but if it were still not working out, then you could try adding in soap. Either shampoo or hand wash would be ideal. So basically not having a plunger doesn’t become much of a problem at all at the end of the day! But do make sure that you remember to firstly try out the easiest ways of solving a drainage issue without going to the extremes of using hydro vacuum excavation, because really at the end of the day it is only going to be an unwanted added cost!

Detoxing and unclogging

There are so many different ways of unclogging a drain. Of them all, there are many that use really harsh chemicals that destroy your entire drainage system. So one DIY method that is perfect for any drain and will naturally detox and unclog them is by using a mix of baking soda, vinegar and hot water. First pour down the hot water to flow through to the end of the pipes. Next add in some baking soda that is an amount of 1/4th or ½ of a cup. And while this sits on the mouth of the drain, mix 1 cup of vinegar and some more hot water in a different container. Pour this down the drain mouth and let it settle for a while. After about 10 minutes has passed, open the tap and let some cold water flow through the sink drains. And this would be perfect in loosening up all those blocks within your pipes. So basically this is amateur result guaranteed plumbing at a professional DIY level! Try out these tricks and settle out the blocks within your pipes, in no time at all!