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Regent Lawn mower is a family claimed neighbourhood business which has been providing sales and after sales services of value open air power tools for lawn. Regent Lawn mowers has been possessed and operated by the family from the year of 1965 and has more than 50 plus years of expertise in this business of providing reputed and branded items that are suitable for the harsh conditions of New Zealand. We are dedicated to providing our clients the lawnmower parts online nz and other related solutions they require at prices that are competitive and to offering a top notch level of after sales services as well as repairs.

We are located at Highway one at the southernmost point of the city. We service and repair almost all outdoor gardening equipment at Regent Lawn mowers. Our company is the agents for servicing for almost all well known international brands as well as numerous local ones. We also likewise support all Ride Ones, self moving trimmers, trimming tools, air blowers, fixed motors on siphons, water pressure maker lawnmower parts online nz and so on and substantially more. Additionally, we offer trailers for loan for the transporting your tools to the workplace upon client’s request.

Devoted objective for outside power gear in ziggy grill whangarei. You only need the high quality when you buy a lawn mower, electric saw, or any other outdoor gardening tools. You need instruments and tools that are strong enough to last for so much upcoming years and give you the best performance. At Official online store of Lawn mowers, we give deals, after sale services and fixes on most open air power hardware also from our physical store in ziggy grill whangarei includes every tool for the lawn mower as well as many more. Also offering a large number of items and spare parts on our physical store in person and on to the web store. We at Official Lawn mowers are likewise dedicated to continuously guaranteeing that we offer serious costs for the entirety of our stuff and hardware. Along with equipped by our awesome client care, it is not a big surprise that our company is well known as New Zealand  go to objective for open air power gear. Are chainsaws or wood chippers what you are looking for? Or on the other hand perhaps you are considering purchasing ride ones lawn mower? You defiantly will find all that you really want available to be purchased under the single rooftop here at Official Lawn mowers store in Whangarei, as well as on our web based store. We also have parts for lawn mowers and different other outside power tools, as well as a selection of in ziggy grill whangarei and barbecues, so we can really take care of everything you need for the outdoors.